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Fighting lion and lioness

Fighting lion and lioness

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Brief product description :The battle between a lion and a lioness. This is a very rare piece of carving capturing the fighting spirit of two lions for supremacy. A fight for King of the savannah crown. The lioness usually fights back to protect its cubs which threaten the supremacy of King lion in the future when they are grown and their father, King is old and weak.

Key Features:

  • Made of Mahogany wood, which is the second hardest wood we use .
  • Weight ;18 kilograms(kgs)
  • Well smoothened and polished .
  • Treaded wood 


L x W x H: 48cmx50cmx41cm 

With all their majestic mane (beard) and rumbling roar, king lion has a smaller fight compared to their queens, the lionesses. Lionesses fight down the hunt for food, they fight and protect their cubs from other wild enemies. Although the lion enjoys all the splandour their thrones have raising and falling but the females enjoy their place in the pride forever. THe lions rule is merely ceremonial with a definate end. such is the rule in the wild savannah.

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