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24' Maasai Moran
24' Maasai Moran
24' Maasai Moran

24' Maasai Moran

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With a lot of time and attention put to its carving and chiseling, this stunning sculpture was achieved. It embodies a Maasai moran confidently posing with his leg swung in front and across the other leg and finally delicately resting on its toe tips. With his spear in hand, this work of art is colorful and attention-grabbing

Key Features:

  • The maasai moran was crafted from teak wood. 
  • Polished and painted  to give a real picture of maasai moran.
  • Weight is 1.4 kg 
  • It has beads on it , so it should be handled carefully to maintain it.

Between the ages of about 14 and 30, young men are traditionally known as morans. During this life stage they live in isolation in the bush, learning tribal customs and developing strength, courage, and endurance—traits for which Maasai warriors are noted throughout the world.Maasai moran a very important person in the maasai community. They protects the community from the intruders  and look after their cattles .

L x W x H: 15cmx 15cmx 67cm

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