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jumping Elephant sculpture

jumping Elephant sculpture

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Delicately balanced on a pedestal is this charming elephant carving with is front legs lifted. Even though elephants cannot jump off the ground, they can be cheeky and playful. Elephants are known to be excellent swimmers. Whenever an opportunity arises they take to the waters for a cool and refreshing swim as their bodies do not have sweat glands to cool off.

Key Features:

  • Fine hand  carved Ebony elephant sculpter.
  • carved from an ebony solid wood .
  • Well detailed and polished .
  • Its weight is  2 kgs 

Majority belife elephant has various symbolization . They can bring :kindness,good luck , majesty ,fertility ,energies of beauty ,wisdom and protection to the loved once .Elephant are known as the largest animal on the planet and one of the strongest animal too,its energy feels invariably kind and symbolises power.

Lx  W x H: 23x 12x 28

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