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Cheetah Sculpture

Cheetah Sculpture

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It is a wood carving made from "mature Teakwood".It is well proportioned and well painted to give a picture of a real cheetah. For home, office, hotels, and back yards decore.

Key Features:

  • Cuved from Mature teak wood.
  • Curved by the best Kenyan artist .
  • Oil painted .
  • Best suited in doors.

L x W x H: 98cmx15cmx54cm

Among the cat family, the cheetah is the fastest and the most stealth. It is the most successful solo hunter in the wild. With all the instinct of a cat it meticulously plans it attack,  keeping itself  low among the tall Savannah grass before it attacks. Once the chase begins it keeps keeping at it to the end. The never give up spirit in it is just unbelievable. Cheetahs usually give birth to liter of 2-3 cubs.

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